Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thinking about settings. And hacking. And hacking settings.

One of my goals with this blog is to work on some personal settings of my own creation (potentially with the help of players and readers) and to hack existing settings. The hacking bit, while certainly not innovative, can be pretty helpful in REALLY figuring out the rules and getting a better understanding of the Fate system. This type of learning is even more helpful when it comes to making my own settings. Once I figure out the best ways to hack the rules to fit someone else's fiction, I'm better equipped to fit them into mine.

So, what am I going to hack?

Star Wars, of course. It's almost required to hack any system to play Star Wars.  I have a pretty specific game I'd like to play with Fate and Star Wars, so the hack will be focused towards achieving that goal and not to emulate everything that's ever been done with the setting.

I'd also like to give Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time world a shot. It's a fun world with a pretty impressive group of characters and a magic system that's always been tough to nail down, mechanics wise.

Supers, likely of the Marvel variety. I've always been a Marvel guy and I think Fate Core is a great system for supers.

I've got a few ideas that I think would translate well into Fate Accelerated Edition, so they may wait until I have my hands on that beauty.

What about personal settings (asked no one)?

For that have three planned.

A fantasy world. Certainly not Tolkien, but my own thing. If nothing else it will be my real attempt at a world building exercise, likely with reader input...assuming I get some.

A modern setting of Supernatural meets the X-Files meets Charles Stross' The Laundry series. This one may have to wait until FAE and/or Atomic Robo come out or it will likely see major revisions as a result...which is OK too.

Something sci-fi. My son loves sci-fi stuff and (after many years of prodding) he's also in love with Fate so we'll probably do this one together.

Finally, something along the lines of Grimm by Fantasy Flight.

So, there are some more of my plans for this blog. Not the most profound post ever but I don't want to give up on this thing so any post is better than no post.  As I said before I am still working out a schedule and a format for this thing, so please bear with me while I figure that all out.

Also, as of this writing, there are 5 days to go on the Fate Core Kickstarter, so get a pledge in if you haven't already.

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